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How we decorate Barbie cookies at home

How we decorate Barbie cookies at home

How we decorate Barbie cookies at home

How we decorate Barbie cookies at home

barbie cookies acrispycookies

How we decorate Barbie cookies at home

How we decorate Barbie cookies at home

How we decorate Barbie cookies at home

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Barbie cookies

Give your little one a delicious treat with these Barbie cookies Character Cookies, designed to look like their favorite Barbie characters. Perfect for school lunches or an afternoon treat, these individually wrapped cookies will become an instant favorite in your household! Now let me tell you how we decorate Barbie cookies.

“Enjoy the whimsical charm of Barbie Cookies a sweet and creative treat that adds fun to your baking adventures.”


Before jumping into the pink frenzy, let’s ensure we have a delicious canvas to work with! And while you can always go the safe route with vanilla cutout cookies (here’s our recipe), Barbie calls for a little extra, right? I highly recommend this recipe that gives your cookies a lovely and delicious flavor to set them apart. I’ll leave it up to you if you want to add pink sprinkles for an extra surprise!.


It’s safe to say there will be a lot of pink involved! For this set, we used a few drops of Deep Pink from ChefMaster to create a deep pink, while we used just one drop to create a lighter shade. Black Diamond is also responsible for the beautiful black color of Chef Master. We never add white coloring to our icing, because it was never needed, so white is the natural icing color. That’s part of the beauty of Barbie Treats…you can work in a pretty little color palette!


“Come on Barbie, let’s party!”

"Come on Barbie, let's party!"

This decorated cookie set is the perfect addition to any Barbie themed birthday party. Decorated cookies will come exactly as pictured and include happy birthday plaque-shaped cookies and personalized birthday cake cookie mixes.



Other wonderful cutters to inspire your designs:

  • Doll head cutter:
  • Nail polish bottle cutter:
  • Hair dryer cutter:
  • Ken doll:
Here are some ways to decorate Barbie cookies:

Here are some ways to decorate Barbie cookies:

  • Royal icing transfer sheets
  • Hand painting
  • Outline and flood
  • Piped icing:

Lets discuss this in detail

Piped icing:

Icing that is squeezed from a bag or tube through a decorative tip, often used to decorate cakes and pastries, is called piped icing.

Royal icing transfer sheets

Use the projector to create a Barbie silhouette, name, or monogram or not.

Hand painting

Hand coloring is also known as hand painting or overpainting. Use gel food coloring and vodka to dilute

Outline and flood

Outline a cookie with a piping consistency. Then, use flood consistency icing to fill in the outline.


Another great way to make cute Barbie cookies is to use a silhouette or even Barbie’s name or monogram. And whether you have a projector or not, I’m here to help make it super easy for you! Even if you have a projector, it’s sometimes easier to use a royal icing transfer.

If you’ve never used royal icing transfer sheets, this is an easy way to add unique designs! Just print the sheet you want and place it inside the sheet protectors. yes, the one the kids use for school. This holds the sheet in place and your designs will dry perfectly flat. If you use wax or parchment paper, it will melt from the moisture and the bottom of your transfer won’t be flat.




Barbie theme Cookies

The barbie theme cookies is Hand rolled,hand cut ,hand decorated sugar cookies.

What is the original Barbie logo?

This original logo features a simple calligraphic name in bright pink. It was written in a custom cursive font that looks a bit childish. The first letter of the name is in capital letters while the remaining letters are in small letters.

Why does Barbie cookies love pink?

“What I love about Barbie in pink is that we’re un apologetically empowering girls and women,and that it shows that girls and women can be and do anything. Can. It turns out, there’s power in pink.

How old is Barbie?

64 years old is barbie.

barbie cookies Stencils

barbie cookies Stencils

Make the celebration special with our Barbie themed cookie stencils! We also love pairing it with Barbie-style monograms and alphabets.

  • Barbie style “B” is 2 3/8″ h x 2 1/4″ w.
  • Silhouette is 2 1/2″ h x 2 3/8″ w.
  • Message is 2 3/4″ h x 2 3/4″ w.
  • Cookie cutters are about 1/8 inch larger than the design.
  • The stencil sheet is 5 1/2 inches square (minus the tab) and fits nicely inside the stencil genie.
Stencil Highlights
  • 10 ml food grade mailer
  • Greater durability than standard acetate
  • Works well with both royal icing and airbrushing.
  • Made in America
  • Easy enough for beginner cookie decorators.
cookie Cutter Highlights
  • State of the art 3D printer technology
  • Tough, strong sidewall construction that provides extreme durability.
  • Precise cutting edge
  • Made in America
Cool stenciling tools and tips to use with this stencil:
  • Works best when stenciling on cookies made with the accompanying cookie cutter.
  • Airbrushing? Combine your airbrush with the Screen Genie to tame underspray, and reveal crisp revelations on your iced cookies.
  • Make sure to use airbrush colors in different shades of pink and black to follow along with the theme!
  • Applying this stencil with royal icing?
  • Scrape with our stencil scraper or Icing Genie.

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How we decorate Barbie cookies at home

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